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118) Nelson aus philippines schrieb am 11.Oktober 2005 um 05:31 Uhr:
E-Mail: npetilla@yahoo.com
Homepage: http://npetilla.fil.ph
congratulations guys for this nice website. wtih due respect to others, this site seems to be more informative as far as e. samar is concerned compared to other websites!
again, two thumbs ups!

118b) Anzeige / Angebote schrieb am 18.November 2017:

117) gilbert schrieb am 7.Oktober 2005 um 03:44 Uhr:
E-Mail: maydolonggolf@hotmail.com
do we have a golf course in e. samar

116) Michael Mayr schrieb am 29.September 2005 um 19:57 Uhr:
My mama is origin from Dolores,I was been there for a holiday.And I was in school of Divanae Mater College..near in beach..got friends,nice teacher and specially Sister Rosa.ate arra,kuya aravy & kuya boknoy miss you all!! most of all what an excellent website!!

115) felipe schrieb am 21.September 2005 um 14:01 Uhr:
E-Mail: fennyfelias@yahoo.com
I travelled last summer from Tacloban to Borongan then to Guiruan, Eastern Samar. The gorgeous scnery facinated me. The magnificent view of beaches to the east and the green rolling mountains to the west. You have to take care of your roads though and protect your environment, the flora and fauna and the marine life

114) N Adams schrieb am 16.September 2005 um 05:39 Uhr:
E-Mail: zeenagirl2002@yahoo.com
Im looking for a David Tunacao from Borongan, Eastern Samar. He used to be a Philippine Army officer. If any body knows him please email me. thank you, Z.A. of Maryland, USA

113) Dan E. LaRoche schrieb am 29.August 2005 um 15:49 Uhr:
E-Mail: danlaroche@msn.com
thank you for the site it has made a world of difference in my honeymoon ideasfor the month of Sept., 2005

112) Paul Lazarra schrieb am 27.August 2005 um 02:24 Uhr:
E-Mail: paullazarra@hotmail.com
thank you for sahring your pictures with
us and the rest of the world.
i am and my family is from can-avid
if you have family in can-avid
and you are German...did you go
there this summer 2005. maybe
we have met...and you owe me a
beer(colt45). thanks again.

111) jay-anne aus aus Zürich schrieb am 26.August 2005 um 21:46 Uhr:
Homepage: http://maytigbaoanon.proboads.com
nice...congratulation 2 oll...mga taga maytigbao kmi

110) hector apita schrieb am 25.August 2005 um 03:17 Uhr:
E-Mail: thor03jica@yahoo.com
Hi! Ninong Martin, Ninanag Carmela, Kenneth, tonton, and carmen,

Kumusta kam!? I'm still here in Tacloban studying! Miss ta na kam!
Pamatrun kamo, madatung hira auntie Becbec tikang ha USA! Sept 7 and 8.
I hope OK la kam dida. OK la kami didi, although may gihap kulba.
Kumusta na la kanda Sabine, Andrea, Yurt, Gunther nad the rest.
Sana makaupod hira kanda ninong pagkadi!

We miss you all!

Hector, Michelle, Gian nad Baby Angel( Michelle is 4 mos pregnant)

109) Maribel aus Zürich / Samar Philipinen schrieb am 9.August 2005 um 23:14 Uhr:
Homepage: http://www.meistech.ch
Hi very nice Homepage. I miss this Place.
Regards Maribel and Charles

108) wennie graves schrieb am 9.August 2005 um 22:40 Uhr:
E-Mail: wennie.graves@att.net
Hi kumusta han ngatanan nga mga taga maytigbao nakada man ako han patron marisgo manla an sarayaw damo an nagpapa-uuran hin mga kuwarta. Balitaw nabakasyon ako every year napakaganda doon sa samar, Sana pirme la maupay it weather didto waray baguio. mama tessie kumusta nala ha iyo,i see you next year mamamatron kita didto ha guibuangan. And thank you for this website.

107) Alvan schrieb am 15.Juli 2005 um 22:42 Uhr:
E-Mail: Abuda01@yahoo.com
Greetings from UK musta na an ka mga kasangkayan dida?
Musta ha ABUNDA family lalo na kay nanay Luz Abunda mahidlaw na ha iyo.
Bunsoy, Tabads

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