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214) Dennis aus Philippines schrieb am 11.Juli 2012 um 14:30 Uhr:
E-Mail: dppeque@gmail.com
Hallo Carmela und Martin,

I am glad that you made an effort to promote Eastern Samar through your website. Though, I am not from Eastern Samar (I am from Leyte) but the place has been a part of me especially the town of Borongan. I stayed there and in fact taught at Eastern Samar State College (now Eastern Samar State University) for one year in 1998-99. There are still so many places in Eastern Samar that is less explored yet very beautiful. Hopefully, the local officials there would think of improving the facilities there as well as social services for the populace and promote eco-tourism. Eastern Samar is rich in natural resources left untapped.

By the way, I am here right now in Göttingen, Germany pursuing my PhD.

My warm regards,


214b) Anzeige / Angebote schrieb am 18.November 2017:

213) mark anthony durango schrieb am 18.Dezember 2010 um 09:10 Uhr:
E-Mail: madurango2003@yahoo.com

212) Katie schrieb am 23.Oktober 2010 um 10:35 Uhr:
E-Mail: kulcsarhc@hotmail.com

I`m looking for a man on eastern samar on island somwhere.
He is german, around 50 years old. His name there Williem.
He`s lived there for 15 years ago. He has 4 kids from a philippine women,
her name Lita (Cabal?). Very important to find him. If somebody knows about him
any kind of information PLEASE contat me by e-mail..!!

Thanks a lot!

211) Bahman aus IR/DE/PH schrieb am 3.September 2010 um 01:33 Uhr:
E-Mail: bahman@bf-it.com
Wunderschöne Seiten. Gratuliere! Eine kleine Bemerkung: In Cebu kann man ruhig die Philippinen als ein englischsprachiges Land bezeichnen. Hier spricht wirklich jeder Englisch und die Aussprache ist auch bei meisten hervorragend.

210) maricris aus philippines schrieb am 24.Juni 2010 um 17:49 Uhr:
E-Mail: macrisbacsal@yahoo.com
what a scenery,photos are great its like you are there...eastern samar really has so many tourist spots to offer

209) Rogelio Teodosio aus Philippines schrieb am 6.Juni 2010 um 11:48 Uhr:
E-Mail: marincaphil@pldtdsl.net
Your effort is commendable and the eager tourists will realize the value of your pioneering work in promoting Eastern Samar as a tourist destination is a lofty one! With all my appreciation I am glad that your website is informative

208) Günter aus Schweiz/Philippinen schrieb am 13.Februar 2010 um 09:02 Uhr:
E-Mail: vinothekdulac@gmx.ch
Gratuliere zur schönen Website. Wir leben seit ca. 3 Jahren hier in Dolores (E.- Samar) glücklich und zufrieden. ABER! Bevor sich die Straßenverhälnisse an der sog, "National Road" (Dolores-Borongan-Tacloban) nicht verbessern und die sanitären Einrichtungen an öffentlichen Orten (Restaurant, Busterminals, Shopping Centers etc.) nicht einmal minimalsten hygienischen Ansprüchen gerecht werden, sollte man das Wort "Tourismus" nicht in den Mund nehmen. Z.B. kürzlich der Filiale von Home Depot (größte US Heimwerker-Kette) in Tacloban (ist zwar Prov. Leyte,aber typisch für die ganze Region). Die verkaufen dort schöne WCs mit allen Schikanen. Meine Frau wollte auf die Kundentoilette: eine dreckige, stinkende, unbenutzbare Kloake! Welchen Tourismus will man hier?
Anderes Beispiel, Hotels in Borongan: Das Dona Vincente im Zentrum hat hübsche, saubere Zimmer, der Pool ist mehr Dekoration, das sog. Restaurant mehr eine Imbißbude, das Personal sehr freundlich, aber unfähig. Das Domsawir, Toiletten siehe Home Depot. Bleibt noch das Villa Brozas (gehört zufällig einer Tante meiner Frau), traumhafte Lage, direkt am Pazifik, schöner Pool, Zimmer ok, aber der Rest! Vergessen Sie die Website von Villa Brozas, der Gärtner hat sich vor 3 Jahren verabschiedet, das sog. Restaurant hat den Charme eines 3. Klasse-Warteraums, der Koch ist mit 2 Spiegeleier total überfordert, das Personal natürlich sehr freundlich, aber unfähig. Was könnte man aus diesem Hotel machen! Aber die Besitzerin lebt die meiste Zeit in den USA und so verkommt das ganze Anwesen.
Und trotzdem möchten nirgendwo anders leben. Mit diesen freundlichen, immer fröhlichen Menschen, in einem für uns perfekten Klima (immer ca. 30°, feuchttropisch), in unberühter Natur mit unendlichen Palmenwäldern, kein Streß, kein Stau, die Zeit ist irgendwann in den 50er-Jahren stehengeblieben.
Fazit: Auch das Paradis war nicht perfekt, aber Tourismaus macht jedes Paradis kaputt.

207) Phototraveler aus Germany schrieb am 17.Januar 2010 um 16:59 Uhr:
E-Mail: info@phototraveler.de
Homepage: http://www.phototraveler.ph
Schöne Seite, hab sie gleich bei uns in die links gepackt. alles gute !

206) Rai aus D schrieb am 14.Januar 2010 um 19:12 Uhr:
Homepage: http://www.phildreams.de/blog/
Die Seite gefällt mir. Gute, fachliche Informationen
zu Eastern Samar
und eine fleissige Linksammlung.

205) Kristine schrieb am 11.Januar 2010 um 10:56 Uhr:
E-Mail: scream_kristine@yahoo.com

I am a tourism student of the University of Santo Tomas here in Manila but originally, I grew up and lived in Borongan. Right now in one of our subjects which is tourguiding, we are supposed to tour our audience to the places assigned to us, we had a draw-lots to determine which place in the Philippines we're going to report and I picked Saranggani, it'll be a virtual tourguiding. Our president said we can change our destination as long as it is not yet owned by anyone. And since my hometown, Borongan was still free, I changed my destination from Saranggani to Eastern Samar. Of course its not that I don't like Saranggani, its just that I believe that I'll be more comfortable and will enjoy my report if it is something that is familiar to me. Aside from that, I strongly believe that Eastern Samar has a great potential in the field of tourism, just the nature itself is an attraction, the undisputed islands, caves, forests; the history, the people, the food, the adventure that awaits tourists. It's just a breath- taking experience to visit our province. Your website will help a lot in my preliminary exam in tourguiding.

As you can see, tourism in Eastern Samar is not yet well established, I think I can give some reasons for that. First, because the local government can't see the progress that tourism can give to our province, it is very obvious, 'cause if they are, they would fix the roads there which is very important for travellers and tourism for easy access on the place, also because tourists consider transportation in visiting places. Aside from that, I can't see them move and help the locals to have jobs. They should promote tourism because tourism offers a lot of jobs to people, most of us actually work within the field of tourism. Even the doctors and hospitals are in this field too (******* Tourism). So I really don't know why the local government would entrust the progress of oour province through tourism, if they are really moving, I hope they won't just be moving in theor offices but also outside there office. Secondly, I have observed to my fellow waray-warays that some of us can't actually appreciate the beauty of our province and it is because it's something that they see everyday. That for them 'its just another beach with huge waves' or 'its just another forest with animals in it' or 'its just another food we eat everyday.' They are so much 'used' to these places that they don't realize it could be something very brilliant for tourists visiting from other countries. I would have Cabong Beach as my example, I have observed that some people are not fond of going there becuase for them its too common and 'hey! It has black sand.' But that is a part of its beauty; its black sand, not to mention it also is a great place for swimming, snorkling and fishing. It is actually included in a book og Paul L. So "Philippine Tourist Destinations" published on 2008.

Eastern Samar is a great place to visit, and it will be more wonderful if the locals will contribute to the needs and help improve and preserve the tourist destinations in our province. I hope that I will have a beautiful report about our province and that it would be able to help our province to be known by more people. That is one of my targets, to promote Eastern Samar in the field of tourism. Its a great thing that people like you who visited our province appreciate its beauty and even have time to promote it and be discovered by more people. Thank you very much! And God bless!

204) JOEY aus United Arab Emirates schrieb am 22.Dezember 2009 um 21:00 Uhr:
E-Mail: blackpanther_5522@live.com
Homepage: http://myspace.com/waterhyacynth_22
Dear Ms. Carmela,
It is a blessing for SAMAR to have you as one of it's daughter tha has embraced her & loved her, unselfishly given her initiative to put up one site into promoting Eastern Samar's raw beauty and natural riches. May you be able to expound more into greater heights this initiative, so as
to make this God lessed province to become one of the most desired tourist attraction of the Philippines.'It will take sometime & alot of patience from "Waraynons" to unite and develop the Province, but, as the saying goes, everything GREAT starts with a single step.

Carmela, My life has been entwined with lovely people of SAMAR...We had been searching for our relatives (ORTEGA - MENGOTE FAMILIES) for a very long time, we lost our "links" to SAMAR when our grandparents died without leaving us any trace of our roots.
somewhere in our hearts, something is really missing, we believe that it is the "CONNECTION" from something in our past that relates to us currently and attaching us to our tomorrow.
please try to send us info, whoever might be interested to get in touch with us, names o our grandparents who passed away are:
they must have left SAMAR (specifically Eastern Samar) for a long long time and had settled down, got married and died
in Manila without contacts of their relatives back in Eastern Samar.
we will surely appreciate any info, from our hearts, gratitude, if this website of yours will aide us to get connected with our lost past!

203) Recti Melquiades aus Philippines schrieb am 17.Dezember 2009 um 03:29 Uhr:
E-Mail: ramelquiades@gmail.com
This is very good. Hope there could be more information on Eastern Samar. Guiuan in particular.

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